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Meet Aden

Ace Certified Personal Trainer

Aden is a fitness professional with a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Rhode Island and two years of experience in the fitness industry, boasts a wealth of hands-on experience in physical therapy. Having spent a collective year and a half directly shadowing physical therapists, including five months under the mentorship of Dr. Chelsea, he has acquired a deep understanding of injury management and movement optimization. His specialty lies in his ability to manage and prevent injury across individuals with varying levels of fitness, from athletes to beginners. Drawing from his extensive background in physical therapy and sports science, Aden is adept at identifying potential areas of concern and implementing science based methods to mitigate risk and promote long-term well-being.

His approach to training is rooted in a commitment to empowering his clients, not only with effective training but also with the knowledge and tools to take charge of their own health. He believes in fostering independence and inspiring others along their fitness journey. By integrating evidence-based strategies and scientific approaches, Aden maximizes the performance and longevity of his clients, ensuring they achieve their goals safely and efficiently.

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